Kids Club members are invited to enjoy exciting events, absolutely free. Families will love the members-only experiences at each event – including hands-on crafts and demos, meeting PBS characters, and more!

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Bob the Builder: Project Build It!
April 27, 2014
On this special day, Kids Club THIRTEEN members enter the museum for free (parking not included), and will join Bob the Builder™ and friends to make everything better in Sunflower Valley as they build, fix, plant, and improve, using team efforts. Kids can climb on large construction machines, assemble a garage to keep them in, plant flowers in Wendy’s garden, use wrenches to fix a sink, operate kid-safe workshop machinery, and even run a “water pump.” Can We Build It?™ Yes, We Can! © 2014 HIT Entertainment Limited and Keith Chapman.
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  • Family day at the Stickley Museum
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  • Woodworking
  • Woodworking
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  • Deer
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  • Pumpkin painting
  • Pumpkin painting
  • Pumpkin painting
  • Cake Walk
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Scheduled Events
New and upcoming events will be announced in the bi-monthly Kids Club newsletter. Events will be added frequently, so stay tuned!
September 21, 2013
Fall Family Day at the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms
Mark your calendars! Celebrate fall with the whole family at Kids Club favorite – The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms. Lots of fabulous fall fun in store, so check back soon for more info.
June 8, 2014
Bessie’s Big Shot at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater
We are pleased to be returning to member favorite Swedish Cottage for another great workshop and performance series! This time it’s “Bessie’s Big Shot” It’s a bird … it’s a plane … no … it’s Bessie the cow! Bessie’s Big Shot, follows Bessie the cow’s dream of joining the circus. Can she lift more than Ziegfried, the strongest man in the world? Fly on a trapeze high above the crowd? Train Munson the Monkey? This variety show cheers Bessie on as she attempts the impossible and searches for her special talents. Three performances and workshops will be available for members to attend. Check back soon to RSVP and select a workshop.
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