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Mommy Poppins - Get more out of NY with kids

A Bucket List for NYC Kids!

As a life-long New Yorker and founder of Mommy Poppins, Anna Fader has s special view of all the best things to do with kids in the Big Apple. New York City kids are special: they’re precocious and worldly and independent. And a big part of what makes them different is the myriad of experiences they are privileged to have growing up in the greatest city on earth.

Anna’s “Life List” for NYC kids includes 100 things that aren’t just fun activities, but memorable experiences that help to shape what makes a New York childhood unique. So check the list of 100 Things to Do with Kids in NYC Before They Grow Up, grab your MetroCard and get going!

Need more ideas of things to do with kids in NYC? Check out the Mommy Poppins list of neighborhood excursions and discover a new corner of the City. Search the Mommy Poppins Family Event Calendar. Or escape with a great day trip idea.

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